Monday, November 22, 2010

The Next Phase...

The last shows are finished....Yippie!!!
Here's a few pics of my booth display.
It was a challenge fitting everything onto one 8ft table...

I could only display handmade items...
so you'll see a few vintage items but they are only for props..
I thought it looked pretty good...
what do you think?

Lots of jewelry...
charms, rings, cuffs...

flour sack towells, ticking pillows, lavender sachets....

burlap stockings, magnets from mini scrabble tiles
& ornaments made from brown paper

the vintage sheet music ornaments and wreaths
are my favorties!! and I sold alot too...
always happy when the customer likes what I made!

this is one of the dozen bottles I embellished
I LOVED making these
and...they were a BIG hit!!!
I only had 3 left!

vintage stamped silver pieces...

Everything that was left from the two shows this weekend
have now been placed in the booth space @
Treasures On Main
When Sandra & I went to the space today...
we had alot of holes to fill after the Open House this weekend
another ....Yippie!!!
I do not put anything in that space that I do not truly love and
would put in my own home...
so I'm always thrilled when pieces sell!!!
I would love to hear your feedback on these handmade items...
and the booth display...any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
and for the Next Phase of JUNK WILD...
an Etsy Shop is coming in the next two weeks!!!
we'll have lots of vintage and handmade items!

Linking this post to my friend Tamarah @ Shabby Vintage Junk
she's having a great giveaway linky party in honor of her 100th post!!
Congrats Tamarah and also Gina @ Vintage Junk In My Trunk 
Hope you all are having a great week so far...



  1. Hi Tammy, you had a beautiful Christmas display. I adore you stamped silver. Happy Thanksgiving♥O

  2. Love all your beautiful goodies! So happy it went so well!!

  3. Hi Tammy...your display looks wonderful and I am glad you had great success!!

  4. It all looks wonderful...ya got it going on sisterwoman! Love the towels.

  5. You did a terrific job! I'm taking notes as my first craft show is upcoming in a week or so.

  6. WOW, love it all! What a beautiful display!

  7. love the beautiful Christmas stockings!

  8. I can see why you sold lots! It looks amazing!
    Have a pretty day! Kristin

  9. Hi Tammy, wow, lot's to see and do there. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

  10. Tammy your booth looks beautiful. Wow! So many great things to see.

  11. What fabulous collection of amazingly beautiful crafts! I love the paper crafts with music notes.... they're my favorite!

  12. My first visit here!! I am in love with your display! I want you to come to my town and have one:) How much for the charming white dish towels?
    p.s. loving the Christmas music.

  13. All of your crafts look so beautiful, Tammy! Your display turned out lovely! I'm not surprised everything sold so well... yippie!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo :)

  14. Hi sweetie!
    First, thanks for joining me at our 12 Days of Christmas Give-a-Ways at Yaya Chique! Hope you keep playing because there is even more to come!

    My goodness darlin' you did a GREAT job getting all those beautiful treasures displayed in such a small space!

    Glad to hear your show went well! But, doesn't surprise me with all those loverly beauties! xo...deb

  15. Oh, I bet you worked like a dog to get all of those items made. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! :)

  16. Tammy, this looks great! Of course you did well. You are so talented.

  17. I love the hand-stamped utensils!!! I would love to have the tools to do that! Also, love the stamped tea-towels too!


  18. I think the space looks great. Loved seeing all the stuff, prepared with love.