Monday, May 14, 2012

Depot Booth Pics

Hey!! Well my goodness .... it's been over 5 months since I've posted
anything here...Wow!
Not that I haven't had anything to post about mind you
I just haven't taken the time to do it...
But I'm back and will post more frequently
There's so much to catch you up on...
Are you still out there?
I do hope so!

these pics are from this past weekend taken at The Depot @ Gibson Mill
JUNK WILD's space there is growing AND
celebrating it's One Year Anniversary this month!
The image below is of the front of the space

it's changed a little bit...
I'm working on covering the walls with book pages
I got one side done on the right...

one of my #1 sellers....Beautiful Blue Ball and Crown Jars!

loved this little chair

and I just got this awesome old hardware cabinet
I still love lots of white ...but could not pass up this great industrial orange

always a fav are bits and pieces of old china dishes
I also added a great collection of pottery planters in pinks and greens

But the best find yet were these vintage metal beach shovels
I have a total of 11! There are so cute! I already sold several!
and Thanks to my friend Tammy @ Refunked Junk for helping me
with getting this space together!!!

These little pieces are also new...
vintage sheet music with old lace and prayer cards
 in antique metal frames

I so enjoy having this space at The Depot
Tammy @ Refunked Junk has really got some
fun things going on that I'm a part of as well
Her space at Metrolina Expo has grown to
an entire building!! I know... right!!
Every first weekend we're out there having a ball!
You gotta come see us
We're planning lots of great things for this Summer!

My life is busy and full...
full of blessings
I'm excited to be back on the blog and sharing all of
my adventures with you again!

Till Next time...