Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tag Sale Preview

Everything is all set up for the
Tag Sale...Finally

Wanted to share a few pics...
we have some great stuff!

The sale is
Fri and Sat 9 am - 4pm
bring your BFF's and come out to see us!

our red & yellow display

black and white with silver

greens & jewelry

we have tons of old bottles and jars

dishes, globes, furniture, planters

we have something for everyone!

old cards, more jewelry

vintage kitchen stuff

some re-purposed items

handmade items

re-styled items


shabby chic

we have a TON of stuff
the garage is full
and waiting on YOU!

I'm off to bed
tomorrow we're baking up some
yummy strawberry cupcakes
hope to see you Friday or Saturday!



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this pretty girl sits on my bedroom dresser
she's been with me for 40 years!

We're two days away from our
1st Annual Vintage Tag Sale
Whew...are we busy!

we've been filling Sandra's garage
with some great items for the sale

tagging and sorting all those items

making list after list of all the
last minute things to be done

tonight I'm taking a few minutes to
flip through my inspiration pic folder
and see all my favorite things...

so join me...
I picked out a few to share

always loved this stenciled chair
great idea for a little princess!

love the idea of an old dresser made into a bathroom sink counter

who doesn't love vintage suitcases?

I imagine this kitchen in an old farmhouse
that sits way down a country road
& you can see a huge open meadow through that window

saw this sweet little table on craigs list
it was pricey...hope it found a good home

white button love

this spring I'm all about old clay pots!

Okay Lovey's time for bed
big day tomorrow
setting up for the sale
hope to see some of you there!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebecca's Challenge...

My dear friend Rebecca
@ A Re-purposed Life
started a weight loss challenge a few weeks ago
just when I was about to give up
on  losing weight
For the last few weeks I've seriously watched
what I put into my body
food and exercise
lots of fruits & veggies
Water/ Water/ & More Water
admittedly not enough exercise
but I'm totally committed to putting in the extra effort
to walk at least 4 miles a day 4 x a week
starting now!!!
But I did commit to the weight loss challenge two weeks ago
and have lost 4.8 pounds
OK so that 's not alot in two weeks but it's a start
I'm on a path to good health and well being
I want to feel energized on the beach this summer
with my sweetie
and my Little Hannah!
So stay tuned to what will come in the next two weeks...
Join In!!
Thanks Rebecca for the support!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings!

Easter Blessings to you!
one of the most memorable Easter Sunrise Services
I ever attended was on the was so beautiful
wish I was going to be there again tomorrow
but I'll be with my sweetheart
and my precious Grand-Baby
Dinner at my Mom's
hunting eggs afterwards with the kids
should be a great day!
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day as well!
Happy Easter!


Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm posting on a few different topics ...
(I'm running behind on things these days)
with the 1st Annual JUNK WILD Tag Sale
happening in just two weeks ...
it's getting a little crazy around here

so first...I want to say
to Marcy @ Antique Chase
for doing such a great giveaway
look at this beautiful set of scales...

I love them...yes I do!
Thank you Marcy!!
it was a very generous giveaway
and I'm very happy that these pretty scales
have found a home here with me!

here they are all nestled next to my
favorite creamy white ironstone pitcher
I got from Janna @ Artsy Fartsy Junk Finds
and my very favorite 1/2 gallon Crown Jar
filled with vintage white buttons

the ironstone pitcher is where my little wire birdie
bought from Beth @ Old Tyme Marketplace lives
along with several vintage letters from
The Growers Daughter

the cabinet...
is from Treasures On Main
they're a part of some old kitchen cabinets
the drawer fronts have been stripped
but the rest of the cabinet is as found
except for some soap and water
I love the way it turned out!

5 wonderful drawers
that now hold my craft supplies
It's awesome...yes it is!!

so next...
last Sunday I drove out to Beth's place
for the 1st Sunday @ the Marketplace
(3rd Season)
what a great day
the shop looked amazing as usual
and Yes...of course I took pics
so here's a little tour...just for you

beautiful Spring vignettes all over the store

this baby...
oh my was she ever beautiful!
I saw a couple carrying her across the parking lot
on the way to her new home..
lucky dogs!

Beth stayed true to her rock star status
of displaying the best chippy shabby junk
in the Carolinas!

LOVED this set of table & chairs
with these so pretty pillows! just kept getting better around every turn!

my friend Tammy @ ReFunked Junk
was set up outside
here's a couple of pics from her booth

 she had some neat old tins
loved the colors & graphics on these

I met a new friend this time
this is her booth

her art pieces were really neat
she had a great mix of items

everything's all black and white
which I love and very unique

great lampshade frame

neat little votives & peat pots
her displays were very eye catching!

Beth had the whole outside decorated too!
lots of Herb Planters & Flowers

A neat area to sit and enjoy that great BBQ
Mr. OTM makes every time!

you know you wish you had been there!
It really was a fun day! Thanks Beth!

and so last...
I'm excited that this little blog o' mine has
hit 200 followers!!
so to celebrate I'm doing my first giveaway
I'll announce all the details in just a few weeks
( gotta get through this tag sale event first!)
but I've got some ideas already...
it's gonna be good!!

well I'm off to the "land of nod"
(as my friend Tamarah @ Shabby Vintage Junk would say!)

yes yes yes
I did a little name dropping
but I told ya' I was covering alot in this post!

hope you all are having a nice start to Spring
lots of rain here but some beautiful days mixed in too!

don't forget about the
Vintage Tag Sale

if you are in our local area
please come join us!!
garage doors open @ 9am
we'll have coffee & homemade pound cake,
moi's own special pasta salad
cupcakes and tons of some cool vintage junk!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Our 1st Annual Spring Tag Sale
we have loads and loads
of great vintage items to sell
years of collecting...years!

So get your BFF's together
& head out to the beautiful Lake Norman area
we look forward to seeing you there!

Need more info on the sale?

Have a great week!!