Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebecca's Challenge...

My dear friend Rebecca
@ A Re-purposed Life
started a weight loss challenge a few weeks ago
just when I was about to give up
on  losing weight
For the last few weeks I've seriously watched
what I put into my body
food and exercise
lots of fruits & veggies
Water/ Water/ & More Water
admittedly not enough exercise
but I'm totally committed to putting in the extra effort
to walk at least 4 miles a day 4 x a week
starting now!!!
But I did commit to the weight loss challenge two weeks ago
and have lost 4.8 pounds
OK so that 's not alot in two weeks but it's a start
I'm on a path to good health and well being
I want to feel energized on the beach this summer
with my sweetie
and my Little Hannah!
So stay tuned to what will come in the next two weeks...
Join In!!
Thanks Rebecca for the support!!



  1. Way to go! Forgot to weigh in this morning. But I'm feeling very good about it. Carry on!

  2. Great job! I hit the treadmill yesterday. We've all got to take better care of ourselves.

  3. You lost more that twice what I did. Great Job. I am working to do more walking also but the amount of rain we have had here has not helped to motivate me. Keep up the good work.