Monday, November 1, 2010

So long Halloween 2010...Hello November!

I know I know...Halloween is over
 but I'm late to the game to get these pics up...
just had to share one more post
on Halloween 2010!
THIS is the pumpkin that I carved ...Yes- I did say I carved!
almost sliced my thumb off doing it but... I DID IT!!
It was in deed a big hit!

Here's our front door...a little blurry but I wanted to show
the bats I got up around the door...
and there she is...sweet little bumblebee Hannah!
Ready to get some treats ( she prefers chocolate just so you know)

A kiss for MiMi before we start ....
( and Yes that is chocolate already in her hand...)
Look Hannah everyone is watching!...Teehee!!!
(she looks excited right?)

She had a blast...we all did! it was a very fun night!
Her bucket was full & she was ready to head home!

So Bye Bye Halloween 2010!
see u in 2011!

And Hello November!!
Can you believe it's NOVEMBER????
I'm already seeing alot of posts with great holiday inspiration
Here's a few pics that are my favs...

I'm finishing up final touches this week on projects
for the show next weekend...
look for a Sneak Peek in a few days!
If you are local and would like to attend the show...

for details!



  1. Your little one looks very cute in her costume. My little girl had the same one last year. She still manages to wedge herself into it and in the one from the previous year. Loved the teeth on your pumpkin too :)

  2. Hannah looks so cute! I am already thinking Christmas decorating, too!

  3. How cool is that...both the carving and your precious little hobgoblin?
    Here's a link I think you'll get a kick out
    Looks like rubber boots will be the "must have" for Christmas decorating. Love the pink ones.

  4. Love, love, love the third pic with the touches of red. Sweet little trick-or-treater there. We didn't get any. We never do for some reason in our little garden home cul de sac. So glad to have found you!

  5. Super great job on that pumpkin, girl!

    Your lil' bumble bee is a doll!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!