Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little sneak peek....

(Goatsmilk Soap-Vanilla & Lavender)
 I promised a sneak peek into our show that's coming up
next Saturday...Nov 13th
but first let me just add...
I did not have very good light on some of these pics
and I was too tired to move all the stuff to a better spot...
so here's what we've been busy as bees working on...
 Soaps, Candles & Potpourri...
(Holiday Potpourri)
 re-purposed jewelry made from vintage games pieces
like typwriter keys,poker chips,scrabble tiles,buttons
 and other jewelry pieces
(typewriter key necklaces & button rings )
pillows made from feed sacks, burlap,old quilts
and several with beautiful appliques

Handcut  Christmas  Silhouettes
Lavender Sachets

 Little feather trees with hemlock cones
lots of ornaments made from old book pages
adorned with games pieces and old jewelry findings

 even some made from brown paper bags...
too fun!!!
Flour Sack Towells with beautiful graphics

and more ornaments made from Vintage Sheet Music

 Burlap Runners with ruffles made from vintage fabrics
other items not pictured that we'll have are
 Handbags and Totes, Book Page Wreaths, Stockings,
delicious smelling candles, and too many other things to mention
( it's a sneak peek!!)
For sale will also be vintage treasures we've been
gathering over the last few months displayed with
all these wonderful handmade items!!
We serve lunch... 
homemade chicken & dumplings
& lots of snacks
with cider & coffee
 & everyone visiting the show will receive a special gift...
a sweet Lavender filled sachet  !
and let me not forget the biggest draw of the show...
Rockstar Baker Peggy!! ( aka Sandra's Mom)
She and Sandra have been doing this show for 30 years...
and she bakes the best stuff you have ever tasted!!
Like....Mini Pecan Tarts...
her famous sour dough bread
 my fav....POUND CAKE!!! Yummers!
 and my.ever.lovin.goodness.the many ...cookies
 peanut brittle
 Hot Pepper Jelly
not to mention the CHOW CHOW!!
she has customers that pre-order the stuff and
they buy it by the case! Yes...It's that good!
So...come out and join us for a good time!!
we're located in Denver, North Carolina
about 30 minutes from the city of Charlotte
For details email me @

I'm linking this sneak peek to
Debra @ Common Ground
hope this will inspire you  
to venture out to a Holiday Sale in your local area!
and also to My Romantic Home
Have a great weekend!!



  1. Hi Tammy~ everything looks just beautiful! You have gorgeous treasures~ I bet the sale will be amazing! Your food looks like it will be fantastic too!! :) Hope it is a huge success for all of you!! :)

  2. Darnit! I am completely on the other side of the country from you -- and I really want to go to your show! Love your creations. I'm following you now, thought it was funny that we are each other's 94th followers :)

    Read your profile -- would you hate me to know we just bought a beach house, where (after the long and extensive upcoming remodel) I plan to create to my heart's content, and hopefully do lots of beachcombing with future grandbabies?

  3. Hi! I love your blog! I love doing a lot of similar things as you, stamping, crafting out of burlap and cooking wonderful smelling things. I am a new follower of your blog, won't you stop by ours and follow us too?
    Hope to see you often!! Will be back again and also share you with others! Thanks! Ciao!

  4. Oh wow! You've got some great stuff here! I love your blog - must follow!

  5. OH would I like to go to your sale~ everything looks fabulous...I know you will do GREAT!

  6. Yet another fabulous show so far away! Have fun!

  7. Oh Tammy, I love it all! I am soo sad that I am all the way over here in Minnesota and can't see everything in person. Have a great weekend :)

  8. There is so much homemade and vintage goodness here! I love it. A bunch of Etsy friends and I do a homemade holiday open house each year and sell all our homemade and vintage finds. It is a blast! I've made some rosettes like yours and book paper ornaments. Great minds think alike! Have fun. You will do so well.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  9. you have lots and lots of wonderful goodies listed here! Love the soaps!

  10. What an eye candy filled post, Tammy! Love a lot of these items! I'm enjoying looking through your blog; thanks so much for visiting mine, too!

  11. I would love to attend this party but I always seem to live on the wrong side of the United States! I hope you have lots of success...such wonderful things to buy!

  12. WoW! It looks like a great show! Love your stuff!
    Wish I could come. Hope it's great!
    ~ Julie

  13. Wish I lived closer. Looks like you are going to have some wonderful things. Good luck with your sale!

  14. Hi Tammy
    I just love everything you have posted on this post. It looks like you are off to a great holiday start. I hope I somewhat inspired your Recycling Holidsy, because I am inspired by yours.

    I am working on my recycled tree and it is an art surprise so stay in touch, I can't wat to share the idea.

    see you soon :)

  15. Wow, you sure have been busy. Those trees are very interesting. And I like you burlap runners with the fabric on the ends. Very cute. Good luck on the sale.

  16. Beautiful stuff, Tammy!
    As usual! :-)

    Big hugs!

  17. Tammy,

    I think it's totally unfair that I'm being taunted like this by you!!

    Your things look amaaaazing. I really love the little ornaments made of book pages.

    I wish I could be there - I will be in spirit!

    And the food looks gorgeous too. Grrrr...


  18. I totally live in the wrong country...I agree with Sarah, you are teasing us! I wish I could be there too.

    Best wishes,

  19. What an amazing load of goodies you have. It all looks fabulous. The treats all look so yummy and delicious. Hope you have a great event. I think you're ready! Thanks for joining in with VIF!

  20. Oh how I wish I lived nearby, Tammy! It sounds like great fun and look at all of the fabulous things you're going to have for sale! I love all of those paper ornaments you made, especially the ones with the vintage game pieces... sweet!! And the handmade goats milk vanilla/lavender soaps... what a great gift that would make!!
    Have a great time!
    ~ Jo :)

  21. Fantastic I'm in Mooresville, NC and am excited I saw this post. Hopefully nothing comes up and I can attend!!! Looking forward to meeting you!!!

  22. Why do all the shows have to be so far away...oh I know...because from the looks of your great stuff and the yummy goods...I'd come back broke and a few pounds heavier ;o)

  23. I love it all - sorry I couldn't make it today- hubby threw out the "its the first day of deer season" card and I lost. I'll have to visit the shop you are in later on.

  24. Tammy, It was great meeting you! I want to hear more about the Shopkeepers Saturday at your shop... Le tme know asap! post those pics you took...
    talk soon