Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorite Things....

Thought I would do a little post about some of my favorite things...
Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors is doing a link party
on this theme. I like this idea because it gives us an
opportunity to get to know our "virtual friends" better!
All of you wonderful followers of JUNK WILD already
know that I love all the vintage stuff like...
White Ironstone
Wire Baskets
White Chippy Furniture
White Cotton Ruffled Linens
Old Books
Blue Mason Jars
(and the all know what I'm talking about)
but here's a few favorite things that you wouldn't have known
about me...
So here I go...

First thing in the morning I like my Green Tea...
but make no mistake...
I'm still a coffee drinker ( dunkin donuts is my fav)
and I love having coffee with my friends...
but at home it's Tazo Zen Green for me...
and while I do have a great desktop computer
(22" monitor, sleek keyboard...all the bells and whistles)
I love my 17" Dell Laptop...
I like knowing I can get online anywhere in my house
anywhere I'm traveling...
It's fairly new...bought it last year @ Wal-Mart a great deal which makes it even better!

I used to have alot of handbags...recently I weeded out all the trendy ones
and kept only  the ones that I really love
I have a beautiful leather Coach handbag that a dear friend
bought for me while on a trip to Chicago...
I love, love, love this "buttery leather" bag
the color, the's perfect!

I also love all of my boots...
my boots are one of the main reasons that I love winter
My sweetie gave me new boots for my birthday last month
I haven't bought them I'm excited to go out
boot shopping this week!

I have a huge collection of silver earrings...
and tons of sweetie has given me
several Lucky Brand pairs that I adore
but there is one pair that I wear all. of. the. time.
these are my Lois Hill earrings...
another gift from a sweet friend

I have many favorite things...
but one thing I could not live with out is MUSIC
I listen to music all the time..
and I love all types of music
Country, RocknRoll, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classic....
one of the things that I love about the blog is
the playlist...I enjoy changing it up
so I hope you are enjoying the Christmas tunes

 like many others...
I didn't get all the whooptido when the it first came out...
but man.... I get it now...
this phone is the JAM!
I would be lost with out my IPhone!
I can check emails, facebook and twitter
 take pics & videos
have all my fav tunes downloaded for when I'm working out
 have all of Hannah's favorite cartoons and movie clips
 saved in You Tube for when she gets restless
 while we are out shopping
 my to do lists and calendar
My fav app is Around Me....
If you have the IPhone and don't have Around Me
Get's's awesome
Ok..Enough about the phone

at the end of the day...
I like my wine
red or white
no matter to me
I enjoy a glass each night while
reading all my favorite blogs!!
and like coffee ...I like having a glass ( or two ) with a friend

and  then there's the car...
I'm a Car Chick...I love beautiful sporty cars
my sweetie and I got this baby in '04
just before they changed the body style...
he keeps her so clean's amazing
she looks just like she did when we drove her off the lot
we've taken some great trips in this car

 yeah's a great ride!

So those are my favorite things
I could do a whole other post on my favorite
Christmas things....maybe next time
when I finish all my decorating...
I'm working on getting that all done tomorrow
I'll leave you with a favorite

Christmas pic....
love all this greenery...
( photo Southern Living )

Have a great Sunday!



  1. I think I'm lovin what you're lovin!

  2. You're such a healthy tea in the morning and red wine at night!
    Love your love list.

  3. Loving your boot choice and such pretty earrings. Cool ride too.

  4. GREAT list!! I have to figure out what that Around Me app is. My son thinks I'm so lame. I don't even have ONE app on my phone at this current time. :) I don't know how! LOL


  5. Love the list! Beautiful bag and I start n end my days the same way! ;-)

  6. Fun to learn more about you, Tammy!

  7. Tammy,
    Your list is pretty much my list except, not lovin the wine, am a margarita gal, love the ride and the boots especially!

  8. I also love blue mason jars! They are so simple and fit almost all decor. Great boots too!