Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grab our Button!!

Happy Tuesday blogger friends!
I've just completed the process of creating a button for JUNKWILD.
I appreciate all the comments on the photos from the last post.
I actually created three different buttons and decided to go with
"sweet horse" since this was the overall favorite. I'm sure I'll change it
up every so often and use the Chippy Chair and the Rusty Scroll too.
 It's easy ...just click on the button tab and add to your blog!
I found all the how to's @ Blogger Central no more cut and paste!!

I'm working on my Halloween Decorating post ....Stay Tuned!
Here's a sneak peek at the little bit of Halloween Decorating I've done so far....

My First Book Page Wreath...made from a 1943
copy of a Gregg Shorthand College handbook
although you can't tell in this pic...
the graphics are pretty cool!
I used a tutorial from

here's my mantel...
I made another small book page wreath to hang over the antique mirror
and a Trick-or-Treat Banner 
letter cards from itsybitsandpieces 
and Halloween graphics are from The Graphics Fairy
and cool Halloween subway art  
that I created on Wordle.net   
I'm still working on this mantel display....

This rusty plant holder is one of the great pieces
I picked up at
a few weeks ago during Beth's Harvest Thyme Event.
(If you haven't seen that post check it out here)
I LOVE it here on my front porch with the pumpkins!!

A perfect grey pumpkin, a cool book cover for the season
and my chalkboard door with an autumn verse

the woods are
full of fairies
the sea is full
of fish
the trees are full of
golden leaves
lets make an
autumn wish

( I borrowed this from Paige @ Simple Thoughts)

my new favorite thing is subway art...
I really like how this came out.
it was  fun and FREE!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. Hey, Tammy. Love the vintage book wreath with the witch. I make book wreaths too. I have some funky ones on my blog with skeleton keys, feathers, etc. I use maps sometimes too. So fun. Love the new button.

    Vicki at http://rustyroostervintage.blogspot.com/

  2. I love all your holiday decor, Tammy! All of your projects are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing my shop~ I love the banner!

  3. Love your book wreath. I made one recently too...nice and easy. Your new button turned out great too :)

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Your paper wreath came out fabulous! I have a few of those Gregg Shorthand books too...they DO have great graphics! Enjoy this beautiful autumn season! Take care, Laura

  5. Love the pumpkins in the plant holder. Have a great Wednesday! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  6. Your paper wreath looks so good! I love how no matter how many people make this wreath, each one looks different. Great job!

    Thanks also for the link and love on your side bar. :)

  7. I like the wreath it's pretty neat.
    I wish that old shorthand book was still around.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    Your book wreath turned out great!!
    I love your new button, the horse is just fabulous!!
    I hope you have a lovely Friday.

  9. Tammy -Love all your Halloween Decor. Great job on the Wreath!

  10. Tammy, I so love your blog ,so much eye candy, love the image of the chandelier in the tree, beautiful and love all your Halloween Decor. Many ideas i might use at home..
    a new follower ,ill so be back..

  11. Love your wreath. I started to make one the other day, but I guess my paper was too old because it kinda crumbled. :)
    I'm loving subway art too these days. Actually am working on one for my family room. I chalked in all of the words to sorta see how it would look. It turned out well, but I'm too chicken to tackle it with paint yet. See Ya!