Sunday, January 30, 2011

I spent Friday with my friend Kathy
who lives here in Denver near me
 we both sell vintage items at Treasures On Main

This is Kathy's space....Nestings

In a few weeks she'll be moving into a larger space

Another friend, Tammy from Refunded Junk
is moving into Kathy's space
super excited to have her there with us!
She's just got her blog up and going ( YEAH!)
so hop over and say Hi when you get a chance..

Kathy has great stuff ! I always find something to buy from her :-)

So...back to Friday
one of our favorite shops in Concord, Southern Comforts
 is closing~ Monday is their last day
 they were having a great sale so we decided to head
over and check it out
There were definetly some great deals
& we both got some cool stuff

I unfortunately have not taken pics of the things I bought
but Kathy sent me pics of her loot today
so I'm sharing those with you
(everything will be for sale in her booth)
I'll share my stuff on another post...
perfectly chippy watering can

a great llittle cabinet

just in time for Valentine's Day
sweet little heart pin-cushion

vintage valentine cards

neat old quilt rack
great chippy paint & color!

more sweet vintage valentines
metal spike frog & glass vase or candleholder

this frame is awesome!
not sure what she's going to do with it
but I'm thinking a great big chalkboard !!

 this sweet little corner shelf

thought we were gonna have to wrestle another lady
for this shelf...but I stood guard while Kathy got the owners
to get it cleared off  for her
it's so neat with all the cut work on the sides

and then
there was this mirror


I already had several things picked out
or they would have come home with me
yep...there was a PAIR of them
I knew Kathy would love them too
and they'll look so great in her new space!

Especially after she gets this piece in there....

( that would be the white cabinet NOT the yellow fish!)
I hear you swooning...
me too..
she was looking for a bigger display piece
and this was perfect & at a great price too!
we found this at The Depot @ Gibson Mill
also in Concord and just around the corner from Southern Comforts

This is another favorite of ours
not a shop...but a HUGE Antique Mall
several favorite dealers are set up here...

Olde Tyme Marketplace
Refunked Junk
The Gilded Cottage
Artsy Fartsy Finds
NanBrook Farms
The Shabby Chatue

and a ton more but I just don't know all the names...
I get so inspired seeing all the wonderful vignettes
some real talent going on in this place
and everyone that works there is super nice!

have a look see at some of my favorite booths there
and if you're in the area this place needs to be
on your list of places to see!

not sure of the dealer here~ sorry
(if anyone knows contact me and I'll  list the name)

The Gilded Cottage

not sure here either...
(might have been Artsy Fartsy Finds?)

don't know this one either
but don't you love the contrast of the old rusty white tool box
next to the beautiful Johnson Brothers Ironstone?

Refunked Junk
Tammy is really doing some great new jewelry
can't wait for her to get moved into Treasures On Main

Shabby Chatue
I only know Dawn from blogging and Facebook
(hope to meet her face to face soon)
her booth was breath-taking!
Such great vignettes!

Shabby Chatue

Shabby Chatue

Olde Tyme Marketplace
My girl Beth ROCKS it everytime!
everything in her space!

The Gilded Cottage
I stood in front of this beautiful display a long time...
I ran my fingers over several of these pieces...

Kathy and I headed back to Denver to meet up
with some of her other friends for a wine tasting

Great Wine, Great Food and a Great Time!
A Great Friday!

Sandra and I have added a few handmade items to the booth
for Valentines...some of these have already sold so I'll be
re-stocking this week...
here are a few of the vignettes @ JUNK WILD

this has completely changed now since we sold the
oak table in the front..

lots of vintage buttons for sale!

I'll have some new pics of the re-arranged space next week

The weather here today was wonderful!
Hope you are having a great weekend


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White Love

Hello Sweet Friends
I had planned to make this post about my cabinet and mirror make-over
but my back decided it was going to go out on me again
and so I am in bed with the heating pad on
I needed new pics for the post so that will have to wait a few days...
look for it next week!
I usually do all my posts from my desktop computer
(where most all of my pics are )
so there's another thing to add to my list
( copy pics to disc and load on laptop)
All of the pics here are from Google Images
they're of all things wonderfully white that I love
(and I know you do too!)

White Linens & White Ironstone

A beautiful white kitchen...I'm in love with these pendant lamps!!
and that beautiful hardwood foor

and of course a gorgeous white hutch loaded with white goodness!

I guess it's a bit whimpy of a White Wednesday post but I've been away from the
link parties for several weeks and just wanted to get back in the groove...
Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow~
Back pain is the worst!

Hope you all are having a great 2011 so far
Be sure to visit all the other White Wednesday posts
over at Faded Charm!

White Chippy Paint
I love old shutters!
I use one very much like this one as a backdrop for my Etsy photos

Well I'm off to bed now...
this is NOT my bed but mine is big and full of fluffy white linens ,quilts & pillows


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The collage above is a collection
 of some of the treasures
you can find right now in the JUNK WILD Etsy Shop
Hope you can take a few minutes to check it out today

I'm offering a 20% Discount to all my blogger buddies!
Use Coupon Code - junkwild20 when you check out
good thru the end of  January

My friend Paige @ Simple Thoughts
made mention in her post yesterday
about a site called pinterest
this was new to me so of course
 I had to go check it out

are these not THE BOMB!!!!!
teacups turned into pendant lights
I love them.
 I do.

and I'd  love to have this beautiful scarf
(from Bellarina)
to wear every day!
this one is called Starry Night

so after I spent an hour on pinterest

I worked on my Valentine projects for the shop....
I have several projects I'm working on 
I'll share these all in another post

I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands...

post office -check
return item to marhsalls- check
a little thrifting at the local Habitat Restore- check
a cup of joe from Dunkin Donuts- check
shop for groceries at Aldi's - check

got everything done...and had time to spare
so what did I do?

you got it...I worked on the blog!
Let me know what you think of the new look
I know I'll be changing a few more things...
any ideas?
 would love to hear them!!!

here's a few more pics of the items in the Etsy Shop
and just for you
20% OFF !!
coupon code - junkwild20

vintage wire baby bottle carrier

sweet straw beach tote

set of two white ironstone bowls

very vintage childs ticking pillow

retro/vintage japanese tea kettle

set of 4 chippy paint sweet spindles

Hope you are all having a great week!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Ice...

since Sunday about 6 inches of snow
beautiful snow
has fallen here in Charlotte
we don't know quite what to think of it's rare that we get snow
and this is the third snow we've had in the last two months!
the first one was very light
but the second one was on
and now again...
we're giddy ...

well I was
until the ice came
and now it's just COLD
pretty     ~but COLD

normally this week I would have been headed down
I-85 to Atlanta for the Gift Show
not this year
 I'm glad I didn't have to be driving in the snow and ice
but I'd prefer to be back at work - and I miss my friends in Atlanta
so~I took some time away from the job search and
 I've been cuddled up with my little Hannah
watching every movie that Pixar has made
laughing and having a ball

I've also been adding new stuff to the Esty Shop
& working on some sweet Valentine things for the shop

but I have NOT been out snapping pics of the pretty snow
all these are from google images

back to the job search tomorrow
wish me luck

Hope you are having a great week so far
if you got snow...I hope you enjoyed it too!

take care friends