Tuesday, January 4, 2011


it's already been a WEEK since my last post???
The days of 2011 are just flying by
I made a promise to myself that I'd be better at alot of things this year...
and keeping up with the blog posts was one of those things....
I have several topics that I want to post about ...

Today I'm sharing some Sweet Gifts...

Congratulations to Sandra & Jack on the birth of their
beautiful new grand-daughter
Lyla June
Born 12.31.10
and to the new parents...Josh & Jodi!
The pics a little blurry...but isn't she just she sweetest??
They're home now and doing just fine.
Yep..... Babies are the Sweetest Gift!!

see this beautiful clock?

This was the awesome gift I won at my friend Tamarah's Giveaway

I was squeeling when I opened it!!
I knew I had been one of the winners on her 100th post giveaway
but she kept the gift a surprise

A Perfect & Sweet gift for the new year !
She's so awesome!
 If you haven't visited her blog ...well you should

I quickly found the perfect place for it...
Just the week before I had completed a project of re-painting
a cabinet and mirror for my front room
( that's another post----told ya I had several topics to post about )

You can't see it clearly here but at the bottom of the clock it reads...
Westclox ( Australia)
Tamarah's from Australia...a place I've long wanted to visit!!!
I. LOVE. IT!!!!
Thank you so much Tamarah!!

Third.( NOT to be confused with last)
OK Third is all you sweet blogger friends!
I've enjoyed so much getting to know so many of you
 you've lifted me up more than you will ever know
the way you share your ideas, tips and tricks
your stories about life - good and bad
I'm so inspired by each of you!

I had no idea when I created this little blog last summer
that I would gain so many friends
learn so much more about life and freindships...
you gals rock!
and I don't know what I would do without you!!
So cheers to the SWEET GIFT of friendship!
and a shout out to the blogs that have lifted me up and inspired me in 2010!!
I'm excited to see what you have in store for 2011!

Paige @ Simple Thoughts
Melanie @ Pretties & Posies
Anne @ Fiona & Twig
Jo @ Secret Garden Cottage
Beth @ Olde Tyme Marketplace
Kristin @ Faded Prarie
Suzanne @ Privet & Holly
Debra @ Common Ground
Tamarah @ Shabby Vintage Junk
Vicki @ Rusty Rooster Vintage
Suzan @ Old Grey Mare
Kathleen @ Faded Charm
Robelyn @ Red.Neck.Chic
Mary @ Urban Farm Girl
Marian @ Miss Mustard Seed
Joy @ Savy City Farmer
Lissa @ Humble Pie

( I didn't do the link for each blog...they are ALL in my blog roll on the right hand side
along  with MANY more great blogs!)

and to all the Followers of JUNK WILD....
Thank you so much !!
Hope you will be back often for more!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Here's how it's gonna play out...I am gonna come for a visit and ask you to go get me a glass of water, a big glass, then I am going to tip toe over to the clock and put it in my bag and pretend nothing happened and take to my house and love it forever. HA! I love it...Tamarah is like "the bomb" ya know!!??
    You are one of my favorite things about 2010!!
    THanks a million for always being such a great support!

  2. Oh gosh, Tammy... I just love new babies! How very precious she is! Congrats to the grandparents and the parents!
    Love that clock... lucky you for winning it... enjoy!
    Thank you so much for including me among the list of so many other lovely blogs... I feel really honored! Thank you, too, for the wonderful gifts you add to the blogging community, my friend!
    Have a great week!
    Jo :)

  3. Happy New Year, sweet
    Tammy! I hope your
    family is feeling better.
    I'm just now starting
    to climb out from under
    the flu...ugh....as my
    hubby now gets it....!
    How fun that you won this
    darling clock from darling
    Tamarah! I had the great
    privilege of meeting her
    at Junk Bonanza in September.
    Love the name Lyla June. So
    cute and old-fashioned and
    YES, babies are always a
    gift. Thank you for including
    me on your list of blogging
    friends; it's an honor to be
    among such lovely lovely ladies.
    Looking forward to travelling
    this new year with you! Here's
    a toast to you and all that
    makes you happiest.
    Snowy hugs from Minnesota...
    xx Suzanne

  4. Congratulations on the clock, it is a great looking one.
    Wishing you a year full of new friendships here in blogland and many many blessings

  5. Awww...what a sweet baby. Tammy you have definitely inspired me too! Love your clock. Great win! I can always find inspiration here too. We like so many of the same things and even find ourselves knee deep in similar projects! Your Etsy shop is so much fun. I just realized you were not on my blog roll so added you so we can keep in closer contact. Here's to 2011!

  6. hi tammy! thanks for being so sweet and supportive with your comment. so glad when i hear from you.



  7. Happy new year wishes from Norway

  8. Oh my Goodness, Tammy. There is nothing sweeter on this Earth than a fresh Little Love. I could just cuddle a new baby all day long!

    Thank you so much for lifting me up with your tender comments and friendship this past year. My cup overflows. :)

    Bless you, sweet lady.


  9. Ah... I'm blushing! It's YOU that are a sweet gift! AND THAT BABY!!! Oh my gosh... can I shrink the resident teen back down to his original age? heehee

    Happy New Year! (yeah - i know we're in week two... but i'm slow.)

    ;-D robelyn

  10. Hey GORGEOUS Girl....!

    I'm THRILLED to hear your parcel arrived safe & sound & your 'new to you Treasure' has found his place....It really was MY PLEASURE to be able to send him over to you....!

    I'm so CHUFFED to have been included on your list along with these CLEVER Bloggers....You are just TOO KIND....!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Josh & Jodi....Little Lyla is ADORABLE....I couldn't agree more....Babies are the SWEETEST gifts....!!

    Well Tammy Love I hope 2011 is an AWESOME year for you & I have my fingers crossed you achieve your hearts DESIRE....I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures though would be just as HAPPY if they don't involve 'NOT COOLANT'....hahahahaha....!!

    Cheers from your NUMBER ONE Aussie Mate,
    Tamarah xxx