Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Ice...

since Sunday about 6 inches of snow
beautiful snow
has fallen here in Charlotte
we don't know quite what to think of it
see...it's rare that we get snow
and this is the third snow we've had in the last two months!
the first one was very light
but the second one was on
and now again...
we're giddy ...

well I was
until the ice came
and now it's just COLD
pretty     ~but COLD

normally this week I would have been headed down
I-85 to Atlanta for the Gift Show
not this year
 I'm glad I didn't have to be driving in the snow and ice
but I'd prefer to be back at work - and I miss my friends in Atlanta
so~I took some time away from the job search and
 I've been cuddled up with my little Hannah
watching every movie that Pixar has made
laughing and having a ball

I've also been adding new stuff to the Esty Shop
& working on some sweet Valentine things for the shop

but I have NOT been out snapping pics of the pretty snow
all these are from google images

back to the job search tomorrow
wish me luck

Hope you are having a great week so far
if you got snow...I hope you enjoyed it too!

take care friends


  1. I am off to Atlanta in the morning! Those roads down there better be cleared off! Even though I'm a Yankee girl, I never liked driving on ice.
    I have been LOVING all this snow! Get this...last night I thought I heard a big plow on our street..we live on a cul de sac and in the 5 years I've lived here..that was the FIRST PLOW I have ever seen on my street. I ran to the front door...opened it up and watched him plow! It was a state plow to...big and yellow! I loved it. It was all over way too soon...with a tear in my eye I closed the door~ got homesick and Russ said I was nuts! HA! I probably am.
    Stay toastie!
    I'll give ya a full Market report when I get back.

  2. Amazing amount of snow in the South! Wow. I will have to go check out your Etsy Shop. I am always up for browsing on ETSY.

  3. Lovely winter images, Tammy! Good luck on the job search!

  4. I truly hate the cold. I feel like a stuffed sausage with all the clothes I'm forced to wear...and shoes...don't even get me started!
    Stay warm!

  5. I am tired of it and definitely have cabin fever and am freezing! Be safe and stay warm!

  6. Hi Tammy,
    I bet you and your little one are having the perfect day staying in and snuggling! I always loved snow days when I was little so I could stay in my jammies and watch T.V.
    Stay warm and have a lovely day.

  7. I live in Raleigh and I can't believe what we have had...I think y'all have gotten more snow, but this ice is a killer...where is your store..I would love to one day visit..Read your about me, and we have alot in common..have a great night,



  8. How wonderful to get snow, Tammy, especially if it's not the norm for you guys! You're smart for not driving in it... ice is the worst! Your little Hannah is just adorable!! Enjoy your sweet time with her... stay warm... and good luck with the job search!
    Jo :)

  9. Oh Tammy how SWEET is little Hannah....She looks like the cutest little IMP.... :o) !!!

    Boy oh BOY does it look cold in your neck of the woods....brrrrrrrrrr....! While I don't mind the idea of snow (in fields & such), I don't think I'd enjoy having to deal with icy conditions on the road....I wouldn't want to be out driving in it either....!

    I think you should stay home & snuggle for as long as you can....!!!!!

    Sending WARM hugs from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. I was just going to comment on what a beautiful area you live in until I saw these images were from google images.

    stay warm!

  11. Fun isn't it... welcome to the midwest!
    But I can't feel too sorry, you have a beautiful little gal there to play with.