Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sand & Seagulls

this is my sweet little Hannah making her way
down the boardwalk to the beach last week
(North Myrtle Beach , SC)

it was low tide
hardly anyother people on the beach
a perfect day

she loved the sand

just sitting
and digging in it

ahh! to be a little kid again at the beach

she quickly made a few friends...

(and they brought more friends)

it was fun watching her run on the beach
 play in the sand and chase the seagulls

we had a nice week visiting family
the weather was awesome
a perfect way to kick off Spring 2011!!

Just thought I'd share these cutie pie pics
of my sweet Grand-Baby

Have a great week!



  1. ADORABLE!!! She is precious! I bet you had a wonderful time.
    I have your mail bags at the shop waiting for you! No rush...I just wanted you to know they are there. This week I will be at the shop on Thurs and Sat. I don't want you to come when I'm not there!! :0)

  2. How sweet, I just love the beach.
    Enjoy your day~KarenSue

  3. She looks so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Precious photos, Tammy! Looks like a special time!

  5. What a little sweetie pie! And that beach looks inviting... highs in the 30s here all week. Still waiting for spring in Chicago.
    Blessings this week