Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Trip & Treasures

Last Friday my friend Kathy & I took a day trip
to Treasure Cove in Taylorsville, NC
Neither of us had been there before so we were
excited to have a new place to go hunt for some great JUNK!!

We took the scenic route
it was really a pretty drive...lots of big old barns & farm houses

(both pics above from Google Images)

After and hour or so we made it there and
began what would end up being several hours of
hunting through some great stuff!

My car was totally full! Kathy and I both found
some great items at awesome prices!
Here's what I came home with...

metal flower frogs, creamy white ironstone , blue willow mug,
and a sweet little figurine of a little girl and a bird

two freakin awesome vintage cameras!

and Kathy says I have to mention here
 that when I found this old ledger book ....
I hugged it like a long lost friend...

Yep...I admit it...I did give it a big hug ( with both arms!)

loved these old jars
aren't those labels so cool
gonna look great in my spring display at the booth next week!

pretty milk glass goblets
I have a customer that wants these for her daughters
vintage wedding for the table centerpieces
cool idea!

two satin glove boxes
two pair of baby shoes ( pink and white)
and we both got a load of these old hankerchiefs ( 40 to be exact )
luckily there was one with a "M"
 for Kathy's daughter Meredith
and one with an "H" for my sweet Hannah!

this great old pink candy tin
and two adorable mini size silver ice buckets
such a great size!

we both got two of these metal planters
not really vintage but so cool for spring displays!
Kathy also got a great big garden/tool box in this same metal

several big beautiful platters
the one in the back is a soft pastel blue color
the very bottom one has a pretty gold edge
the other pieces with the pink flowers are Austria China
the dealer threw in the two bowls he had for FREE!!!
( we were lovin that !)

this neat old handmade spice rack
still had the note inside of who made it
 back in 1947
it's getting a nice coat of white paint

and last...this old chamber pot
& another small white creamer

it was a good day!
in the hills of North Carolina...
we'll definetly be going back there
the people at The Treasure Cove were so nice!!!
If you are in the Carolinas...it's worth the trip!

 I"m doing a big consignment sale this week here in Charlotte
and then headed to the beach on Thursday for the weekend
Busy Busy Busy with TONS of other projects in between

Have a great week!


  1. OMG Tammy you did find some great things. I have never heard of this place. When I saw your map and saw Yadkin County on it I was thinking gosh this is close to home. Will be checking Treasure Cove out very soon! Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  2. What a lot of great finds! Love the handkerchiefs.

  3. Hiya Tam....!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey....! I would SO have LOVED to have been with you & Kathy on this trip....Just to see you huggin' that DROP DEAD DELICIOUS ledger would have been worth it....hahahahahaha....I SO would have done that myself.... :o) !!

    AWESOME Treasures without a doubt....!

    Enjoy the rest of your week....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. It's always fun to shop with friends, but even more when great things and good deals are found!

  5. Wow... you really scored on this treasure hunt, Tammy! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friend. :) Beautiful pics of the countryside!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. Flowers frogs, baby shoes and a ledger...oh my!

    Great treasures!

  7. I can't stand it! When are we going???
    Freakin awesome for sure!!!

  8. What an awesome trip! I love the metal planters and that ledger. Those are my favorites. Great, great finds and such beautiful countryside.

  9. Great trip! Don't you just love junkin with a buddie...thanks for the inspiration.

  10. It is a great place!! I went up a few weeks back and got a pretty darn good load! Hugs, Janna

  11. Wow it looks like you hit the jackpot. What really neat finds!Really like your blog!

  12. Oh this looks like so much fun...living in the Carolina's I think I might need to hunt this place down...thank you for sharing.

  13. wow, wow, wow...my eyes got bigger and bigger the further down the post I got. What amazing finds. So fun!