Monday, September 20, 2010

My Monday Mood....

After having another week and weekend of warmer weather...
 I am SO READY for the full on Fall weather to get here!!
The mornings have been really nice...crisp and breezy.
I look forward to pulling out my jacket for my morning walks!
Don't I just WISH this was my driveway??
Ahh! Yeah!!
and I'm still working on the Fall Decorating....
I LOVE this Pumpkin sign! Found on etsy in
familyatticshop - check them out - they have great signs!!
 this is another etsy favorite...found at AprilHilerDesigns.
Anyone out there planning a Fall wedding...
you gotta get this one for your Flower Girl!!
...or you!! This shop has wonderful nature inspired wedding pieces!

So...back to the warm Carolina weather...
last week and through the weekend it was in the 90's here
I spent most of the time traveling the South Carolina coast...
I rep a jewelry line and was calling on Boutique/Gift shops.
I'm very blessed that I have a sweet friend in Isle of Palms
that invited me to stay with her a few days...

we had a great time catching up, eating great food, drinking
great wine & beer and relaxing on the beach. The pic above is
where we ate dinner , Poe's Tavern- the moss was hanging all
over the trees...great place!!

I also spent a few days with my family in North Nyrtle Beach
before heading home to Charlotte...
so I wasn't really hating the warm weather last week...
it was pretty awesome!!

I love, love, love the beach this time of year... clarify...I LOVE the beach...anytime!
but when I walk out over the dunes

and see THIS....

YES!!!!! I Love it!!
I feel like it's all for me!!! Yippie!!
except for a bird or two...

it was SO NICE!!

Back in Charlotte now...
finishing up the Fall decorating
working on the Fall Show with Sandra
 it's not all that bad here either...

and I sure missed this little sweetie....

Hope you are having a great Monday!



  1. Hey Girl!!
    Thanks for the Best Wishes! Looking forward to seeing you again! Yippee!

  2. ~*~~*I LOVE that pumpkin sign Tammy!! Thanks for sharing and giving so much fall inspiration~*~*Blessings,Rachel :)~*~*