Friday, July 29, 2011


Is anyone out there?

I've been away for a little while 

but I've been keeping up with you

reading about your families
your homes
your creative ideas
your business ventures

 I keep up with you alright...
some smart busy friends I have here in Blogland!!!

I've been away because I've been busy as well

busy. interviewing
a BIG THANK YOU to all you sweeties
who have been praying for me
I sure hope this weekend will bring some good news
for me on that front

busy.   re-vamping the booth spaces
I've done a little bit of junkin'
but I'm over due for a day trip with my junkin' buddies
hopefully we can get together for a fun day soon!

booth space @ Treasures On Main
(over due for a Major flip!!)

busy.   trying to lose weight
I'm on a mission !!
I'm walking, eating right and
 adding more exercise to my daily routine
I'm turning 50 this year ( yikes)
I want to look and feel my very best !!
Yep...I'm working on it....

busy.   enjoying and loving on my sweet grand-daughter
Miss Hannah is turning 3..THREE!! about two weeks

can't believe it
my sweet baby girl is a big girl now
full party planning is in swing for a Luau

August brings alot of celebrations for our family
My niece Emma is also turning 3
( she and Hannah were born exactly 24 hours apart)
My older neice Kayla is also celebrating a birthday and
getting married in a few weeks

a rustic country wedding is planned for Aug. 20

but I've missed spending time with
 my sweet man

so this weekend......
 I'm excited to be with him
at the beach
Our first real vacation in a long time
just the two of us

it's our home away from home
so for the next few days I'll be here

taking walks on the beach
searching for sea shells
and just relaxing

I hope you are enjoying your summer
loving on each other

time goes by so fast
enjoy every minute


photos: some taken by me but most are
from Google...sorry if I didn't give proper credit
feel free to leave a comment if you belong to one


  1. Sounds like a PERFECT summer to me....minus the dieting:)

  2. Ah, the beach and
    my honey....that
    would be heavenly!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Just discovered your wonderful blog and am excited to be a follower. Wish I were closer to NC so I could visit your vintage booths! I'm a thrifter, repurpose nut and nature lover and would so love your "junk." You can see the sweet terra cotta flamingo I just found--over @ my new blog.

  4. Love your blog. Thanks. Lynda Dishner

  5. What a lovely post. Looks like you have been busy doing some wonderful things. Come have a look at my blog if you will... I think we are kindred spirits of a sort.

  6. Looks like super plans at the beach. It rained this afternoon like crazy in Wilmington. Hope you have a good stay.

  7. Nice blog...lovely photos. Just found you! Hugs and Tweets! Debbie

  8. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!
    I'll follow you back. :)