Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello my friends!
I've been away at my
favorite place
The Beach!!

Hannah in her pink tutu swim suit

Hannah with pigtails

Hannah in her Jackie O sunglasses

My daughter Meghan and Hannah
on our way to Painters for ice cream

North Myrtle Beach
from the Pier at Cherry Grove

our beach

It was a great vacation
not a drop of rain
beautiful sunny days
filled with running and walking on the beach
reading, sunbathing
building sandcastles &
chasing seagulls with Hannah

We laughed
We relaxed
We had a great time!

Now it's back to work
I've got several projects going on
and cross your fingers for me
TWO job prospects !!

I'm excited

My first month at The Depot
was a successful one
I spent several hours this week
working on the space and it looked
pretty good...if I do say so myself!

No pics sorry...I'll have some next time.

My junkin buddy Kathy and I
decided to check out the
Hickory Flea Market on Thursday
we found some great deals
and a few funny characters!!

you never know what your gonna find
at a flea market!! He was totally funny!

This car was so cool.
but...I totally missed getting the best shot of
the litttle old lady that was sitting in the car
she jumped out when I asked to take the pic!

Here's Kathy with her super sized jar
loved it!!
We came home with an old suitcase, galvanized cans
vintage umbrella, old boxes, chicken feeders, old keys,
tons of small trinkets we dug out of boxes
and ....again sorry
I didn't get pics of all our loot
her daughters Jeep was full
but we did manage to make it over to a great shop
WareHouse 2120
Near downtown Hickory

This shop is so awesome
I'll let the pics do the talking

the displays are to.die.for!!!

loved this jewelry
Twelve Tribes

YE! Ha!
and Thats' JUST the Upstairs!!

the downstairs area was full of
some super sized
super funky
super cool

totally the biggest doors I've ever seen!

check out their website
click on the Gallery tab to see
tons more pics of this great shop!
If you live in the Charlotte or surrounding area
and love vintage, unique, eclectic , funky
you have got to check this place out
TOTALLY worth the trip!

I got some cute shots of Hannah
this week while we were at the park
I can't believe how fast she is growing up

she is a MiMi's girl for sure!

Have a great week!


  1. Your kiddo is adorable and that shop looks very interesting. Will pray about a job for you! ♥Olive

  2. What a sweet little girl!
    I also love the beach, have not been there this year~yet!
    Looks like you ladies had great junkin!

  3. Hey Tammy Girl
    Looks like an awesome vacation... the kiddies are sooo sweet. Loving the beach.
    What did you buy at that fabulous shop?
    How fun

  4. Hey there. Looks like you had so much fun and really enjoyed your time with Hannah. SHe's a cutie. Great shop you found. Good luck with job prospects!

  5. Wow, looks like a wonderful vacation! Good luck with the jobs!