Friday, May 27, 2011


Is there anyone out there who can
help me ?
I've been trying to leave comments on others blogs
but have been unable to do so for two days!
Can't get signed in appears???
What's going on?
Anyone Know?
Lots of people are posting about this issue
but there have been no updates from blogger
that I can see...
thought I would try posting to see if any of you
know what to do!




  1. Hi there. I have lost the followers widget, some can't leave comments nor follow. Some days I can't sign out either. I've tried to find some fixes to no avail but there are many many others with the same issue(s).

  2. Very strange! I am not able to sign in properly, it's acting very weird!


  3. Hi I'm leaving you a comment, see if you can do the same. Good luck, Hugs and hope it is fixed soon! Marilou

  4. Hi Tammy, I had that same problem a few days ago and posted about it and once I did that, the problem was fixed, go figure! I never did anything to fix it so I have no idea what to tell you to do to fix it on your end. I don't know what's going on with Blogger lately. For the past couple of days, my follower list has been missing on and off. I wish they could get things fixed. I hope it works for you soon!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I think Blogger may have been hacked somehow. I can't get my followers and now, I found that I have a new friend, when I click Learn more on the dashboard that's name is "ugotcrossedson." See if you have that. Go to dashboard and click on "learn More."

  6. OOps, you have to go to dashboard and then click on the followers on the right, then click learn more.

  7. Sorry I can't help you. I haven't had many problems but I follow Blogger's blog and they usually blog telling us if there are any issues. I haven't received a notice! I did have trouble logging out one day but was fine the next. Go figure....Blogger seems to have had lots of issues lately. Hope it is resolved soon. Love your blog!

  8. Hi, Tammy. Yes, blogger has had issues for past week or more. Google the issue and you will find lots of forums reporting it. Blogger is trying to fix the comment issue. Followers will come and go. Mine are back after missing for two days. There are a few suggestions from various bloggers such as changing your blogger profile to anonymous for awhile. This allows you to comment. Others say make sure you sign out of your google. If the box "stay signed in" is checked it is contributing to the problem. I've been able to comment lately but not receive comments. Dawn at Feathered Nest had a suggestion this week and Between Naps on the Porch did a great post yesterday. Check those out.

  9. According to Twitter, Blogger is aware that some people are having issues with logging in and they are working on it... or so they say. I was not able to log into my blogs for two days, and one of them kept giving me a message that the blog did not exists. I cannot see my followers widgets either. These are the times when I think I should get my own domain and ditch Blogger. :)

    Linen & Verbena