Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Hannah is turning 2!!!

These freakin' HOT Carolina days are wearing me out! Except for a few early morning hours on Saturday spent shopping for supplies for my Sweet Hannah's birthday party...I've been inside all weekend! My daughter and I have completed several things already, I feel good because the party is 3 weeks away and we're off to a good start! The theme is "Enchanted Fairies"/Tinkerbell" - Hannah LOVES Tink!! A BIG Thank You to Michelle over @ Vintage Junky for a resource she gave me on some great ideas for the party!
 Check out her blog... has the best ideas and is so talented!

I have alot of other projects to finish this week so it's going to be a busy one! PLUS I have to pack up the laptop today and send it off to Dell to have the touch pad replaced! UGH!! But...this will give me more time to work on my task list...and I do have the desktop
 ( but it's just not the same...I know I'm weird!)
Hope you all had a terrific weekend...I always look forward to the posts at the beginning of the week to see what treasures you've found, recipes you tried and inspiration you pass along! Here's a few pics that are inspiring me today...hope you all have a good one!
I love these paper fan lanterns...making a few for the fairy party ....
would so love to have one of these to ride on the beach...:-)
feeling another project getting added to the list....
That's it for me today...gotta get busy....have a great one ladies ...see ya!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Fun

I just added these sweet little music boxes to the booth last week, they both work perfectly ...the one on the bottom has mickey mouse inside...cute right? and they have a wonderful " loved much " look to them. I found them at a thrift shop in North Myrtle Beach while there a few weeks ago....
And ...Be still my heart....this beautiful Cabinet is in the booth next to us ...I just LOVE IT!!!
I'm in the midst of moving my Sewing/Work Room from upstairs to downstairs in the town home..and I want this for all my STUFF!! But it WILL have to wait.....

and then we went to Beth's/Olde Thyme Marketplace - Shop Keepers Sunday event
this past weekend and I saw a ton more stuff I wanted...
It was so great meeting Beth and her husband ( the BBQ was awesome Mr. rock!)
 and also Janna from Artsy Fartsy Finds
and Tammy from Refunked Junk was there. here are some pics...
Beth's shop in Marshville , NC is Awesome...I can't wait to go back. We headed out to Sleepy Poets Antique Mall ( both Beth and Janna have booths there )  afterwards and had a blast there too...but we didn't have enough time to see it all so we get to go back! YAH!! It was a great way to spend a Sunday! Sandra even packed us a picnic lunch..homemade chicken salad sandwiches and......
Red Velvet Cupcakes...YUM!!!
I'm busy this week making pickles, getting my Creative Space together, working on my project list for our Show in November, and oh yeah...WORK...gotta fit that in there somewhere.
There's just never enough time to do all the fun stuff I want to do...But I do love blogland and all the great friends we're making here. THANK YOU to all the followers we have, we're excited that you are here and enojy what we do! Our Booth Space @ Treasures On Main in Lincolnton, NC will get revamped soon ...we're working on some neat ideas for displays...etc...and look forward to sharing them with you!
Have a Blessed Day and Keep On Junkin'!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Friend...

While visiting Metro Expo this month, not only were there some great vintage finds there was also a new friend found...Tammy @ ReFunked Junk has a great space in Bldg. 13, she's also at The Depot @ Gibson Mill in Concord, NC. A fast friend she was too! Got lots of great ideas from her and some of the best items purchased that day were from her! I just Love Junkin' Buddies don't you?  Here are a few pics!
Thanks Tammy for all the neat ideas you passed along ! See you soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A handful of new finds...

Here's just a handful of new finds that are going to the booth this week. The picnic basket is FULL of finds, just didn't have time to photograph them all. The beaded flowers in the glass jar are very old and in such great shape...I love them!
Tons of great jewelry pieces we found at Metro Expo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th to ALL! Enjoy your hotdog, hamburger, grilled chicken...whatever you desire...ENJOY!
Here's a toast to and your baby's health( prayers go out to baby Wyatt- Sandra's Grandson- been pretty sick these last few days)  to ... a burst of energy in the US economy ( we ALL need that right? ) and last but NOT least to our BRAVE men and women who fight every day for our freedom so we CAN  enjoy a hotdog and hamburger with our babies...THANK YOU!!!  and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!