Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Here a few more pics of the treasures from the Estate Sale in Charlotte. I also have several new items I picked on my last trip to the beach, found a new GoodWill that had great old books, vintage thermos, wicker doll chairs, and tons more. I was hoping to be back there today but I'm home...in bed...back pain is the worst..and it's keeping me from junkin and jewlery makin' and THE BEACH!...not a happy camper right now! but I'm taking care of my back and will be back at it later in the week...beach trip is on for this Saturday... and for a week this time! I'm ready! There will be work to do...but I'll be junkin in North Myrtle Beach, Wilmington and Rocky Mount and I can't wait to visit a new shop I found out about in Marshville! Later Junkin Friends!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the best find of all was this VERY OLD ( looks like pink) baby shoe, I found a little handwritten note folded up inside the shoe....it reads.." Rebecca's shoe worn at the age of 8 months in 1903. Mother"
It's over 100 years old!!!!
and a couple of great tins full of vintage notions...
and Estate Sales are just not the same without a great collection of Tall Aqua Blue Ball Jars!

Pink and White...Love, Love, Love them all! The Hand Dish is an old Avon one, the Cocktail Recipe Glass...well it's just too cool.

New Treasures

I have this thing about wire hangers...I HATE them! So I'm always on the look out for great vintage padded hangers. At the last Estate Sale there were all these plastic hangers in THE colors...pink, blue,green, purple...and I got them for FREE!!! Gotta Love that! The painted box and old yardsticks were a great bargain too...those are in the booth already.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Charlotte Estate Sale

Okay...so last night (late)  I decided to check out craigslist for Estate Sales...low and behold there was one right off Carmel Road..so I had to go right?I got there bright and early....it was so worth it. I found some really neat items..... A whole box of Aqua/Blue Mason Jars, Vintage Fabric/Lace/Thread/Patterns, 60's Barbies, an old Kodak Jiffy Camera, Very Vintage Pink baby booties ( one that included a note about the baby that wore the shoe by the Mother- so sweet!), old books, rulers, needlework, several items with precious roses on them...lots of great treasures! and really great deals! My kind of day...so I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning some of the items with soap and water, got them organized and ready to take to my booth space tomorrow. I took several pics so I'll load those up tomorrow or Sat!
Hope everyone has had a great week so far! I'm really loving blogland...and THANK YOU to our first few followers! Stay tune for more! :-)

Junk Bonanza Giveaway!

Check out the Junk Bonanza's Blog for this awesome giveaway by Beth Quinn Designs!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farm Chicks 2010

These booths are to die for! Some very talented women were busy little bees putting these all together! All I can say is WOW! I just want my house to look like this..every inch! I WISH I was in a big comfy chair ....right in the middle of it all..curled up & taking a nap! But..I probaly couldn't sleep for wanting to see what is around the next corner!
Pics are of Todays Country Store and Maison Douce.
 I would love to go to this show next year! NO! I AM going to this show next year! YEEHAA!! 
THIS so makes me SMILE! I love it

Friday, June 11, 2010

pics taken @ Treasures on Main...

Find these awesome items @ Treasures On Main in Lincolnton, NC.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My love of miniature teacups...

Today was spent adding new treasures to the booth. I've added some new pics of the space. Tomorrow is Friday, a busy day for me and for Sandra- she is getting herself ready for a great vacation at the beach..have to say I'm a little jealous as my plans have changed and I am no longer headed to Charleston to visit my friend...AC is out so ..when there is no AC there is no VACA!! Trip is rescheduled to a few weeks out! But ..I will be traveling to North Myrtle Beach on Monday, so I'll be making some stops along the way on the search for some great new JUNK!! Enjoy the pics. I'm also adding some pics of other vendors @ Treasures on Main...

Dreamy Kitchen.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

found this basket of bits and pieces today in my closet...part of my cleaning out project!
I love love love these old valentines!
My favorite vendor @ Metro Expo had a box I dug through for at least 30 minutes...old maps, match books, greeting cards, even an old stack of farm seed notebooks- never used! I love this kind of digging! Yummy!

New JunkWild Finds...

Great new stuff!! My fav is the neat pastry display cabinet! The stool its on was such a deal I couldn't pass it up...it needs a cool coat of paint...I'm thinking PINK!! the needlework piece was also a great deal and the frame is chippy blue..so cute! I have a weak spot for minature teacups , so when I found a box full I couldn't resist! The little owls were also too cute...not as vintage as I usually like but they were all grouped together and looked so darn cute!!( the white one in front of the needlework is an Avon Jar!)

Gettin' better....

So I've spent the last few days tweaking this blog...I've found so many great, neat, awesome blogs ....I had no idea there were SO many others out there like me that LOVE the JUNK!! I'm so inspired ! I have so much more I want to do, but...ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!
Sandra and I will be "fluffing" the booth this Thursday so I'll have some new pics to post later. This weekend we are both traveling. Sandra is on vaca at the beach, but be sure she has her Junkin' Day planned! I'll be in Mt. Pleasant, SC visting my good pal Steph! ....and sure to be hitting some new spots along the route! Happy Hunting!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hi! Welcome to JunkWild!
We are .....Tammy and Sandra. We've been friends forever, we met when I signed up for a paint class Sandra was teaching. (that was a LONG time ago).... since then we've had a blast painting, gardening and junking our way through the years. Recently we hauled some of our "collections" to Treasures On Main in Lincolnton, NC where we have set up shop. Our stuff changes every week...we are constantly looking for new vintage treasures to add! and we LOVE it! Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC and Gibson Mill in Concord, NC were two of our stops this week!
June 11 & 12, Treasures On Main is having a Yard Sale out back, many of the vendors will have lots of items marked down! :-) Also, stop by the 36th Street Bakery when you are in town, it's very good! You can find out more about Treasures On Main on Facebook.
See you next time!

JunkWild booth space @ Treasures On Main in Lincolnton, NC